Alpha Tip: How to Customize your Menu

Alpha already makes it possible to watch TV where you want and when you want. But did you know that you can now personalize your Alpha menu, making it easier to find your favorite shows?

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A few months ago, we launched a new Alpha feature – menu customization – that allows you to tailor your TV’s menu to reflect your personal viewing habits and preferences. The menu includes a range of options, including Sports, Kids, TV Music, Movies, Video on Demand and Recorded TV, as well as fun stuff like games and the SuperTicker, a news and info service you can access while watching a show. The default setting is to show all these menu options, but it takes just a few minutes to remove categories that don’t interest you so you can more quickly get to your favorite shows, channels and genres.

For sports enthusiasts, the Sports menu option lists all channels that are showing sports programming in a given time slot. Likewise, parents will find the Kids menu the easiest way to find shows for their children in real time. It’s worth noting that you can customize each individual media player in your home, so while your living room may list Movies, Sports, On Demand and Recorded TV, your family room could just display the Kids option.

29391678572779.GluYKStW3rKX3n5GE2qr_height640To customize your main menu, hit the remote control’s Menu key and use the right and left arrow keys on the remote to scroll across to the Settings option (which looks like a pair of silver cogs).




Hover over the Settings option and a list will appear; the up and down arrow keys on the remote control can be used to navigate through this sub-menu.



Select the Menu Customization option in the sub-menu by pressing the OK key on your remote and you’ll see a list of all the menu features. Next to each option is a yellow box, which shows that menu feature is enabled. By highlighting a specific menu option and pressing the OK key, the yellow box will disappear, which means that menu option is now disabled and will no longer appear on the main menu.

When you have finished disabling or enabling the menu options you want, press the left arrow key (to the left of the OK key on the remote), then press OK again when you see the BACK on your screen and you’ll be back to the main menu, where your menu options should reflect the choices you’ve made. You can always repeat the process above to restore menu options.

We are currently offering customers the chance to try Alpha free for six months.

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