A new way to know when you’re near your usage limit


Over the past seven months, only about 4 percent of BendBroadband’s residential Internet customers have exceeded their monthly data allowance in a given month.

Now, we’re implementing a new system to try to drive that number down even further.

As of April 1, customers who subscribe to one of BendBroadband’s residential Internet services automatically receive an email when they hit 70 percent, 90 percent and 100 percent of their monthly usage allowance. Those notifications will go to the email address we have on record, whether it ends with bendbroadband.com, bendcable.com or some other service. To make sure we have your best address, visit our website. And if you don’t want to receive the email notifications, you can opt out of receiving them.

(Note: Usage data is compiled and reported once a day between 4-6 a.m. Notifications are based on this data and are sent once per day at 7 a.m.)

And remember: You can monitor your data usage on our website. Just click My Account, select Internet Usage and enter your BendBroadband email address and password to access your statistics.


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