Kurt Cobain documentary hits HBO May 4


Punk rockers, ’90s nostalgists and proud Northwesterners: If you haven’t taken advantage of our discount on HBO, it’s time to quit slacking and sign up. The deal expires at the end of April, and you’ll want to have HBO in time for the May 4 premiere of “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck.”

The documentary about the late frontman of the iconic Seattle rock band Nirvana made a big splash at January’s Sundance Film Festival and it has a killer Rotten Tomatoes score. Director Brett Morgen was given unprecedented access to Cobain’s archives, and the film is, according to Rolling Stone magazine, “a multimedia mix of the singer-songwriter’s home movies, journal entries, drawings, notebook scrawlings and audio recordings (buffered, naturally, by vintage interview excerpts and concert clips).” The end result is a “private peek into the artist’s mind, from the first creative stirrings to the spiral downward,” Rolling Stone says.

A few weeks ago, HBO released a trailer for “Montage of Heck,” and it traces Cobain’s artistic brilliance and troubled life, featuring footage of him as a baby and footage of him with his daughter Frances, who was born about a year and a half before he committed suicide in 1994. If Nirvana meant anything to you at all — even if it didn’t, perhaps — watching this will give you goosebumps.

Again, “Montage of Heck” premieres on HBO on May 4. Through the end of April, BendBroadband is offering subscriptions to HBO for half off ($8.99/month, or less if you already subscribe to a premium network), and each subscription includes bendbroadband2go and On Demand content, so you can catch up with movies, specials and original series when and where you want. (This deal is also available for Cinemax.)

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