Introducing Mittens, the Alpha cat


This is Mittens.

At first glance, Mittens appears to be a sweet, friendly kitty, ideal for an evening of lap-warming and TV-watching.

But look more closely at Mittens’ eyes. Mittens is a mischievous cat. A cat who cares not one bit about your well-laid DVR plans. And Mittens is fickle — he is a cat, after all. His allegiance is motivated not by love or loyalty or tasty snacks, but simply by who’s sitting on the couch at any given moment and whether they have a hand suitable for petting a cat.

Or maybe Mittens is just a convenient, fuzzy scapegoat.


Regardless of the cat’s internal inclinations, Mittens is the star of BendBroadband’s new commercial for Alpha, our in-home entertainment solution that allows you to record up to six shows at once, watch them on any TV in the house and manage your recordings remotely.

Keep an eye out for Mittens’ dazzling performance in the coming days, and check back later this week for an interview with the soon-to-be-famous feline.


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