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Internet safety tips from local experts

Sgt. Dan Ritchie of the Bend Police Department, left, and Chris Akenson of Redhawk Security Solutions, two of the panelists at City Club of Central Oregon's recent forum on Internet security.
Sgt. Dan Ritchie of the Bend Police Department, left, and Chris Akenson of Redhawk Security Solutions, two of the panelists at City Club of Central Oregon’s recent forum on Internet security. Photo courtesy Cort Vaughan.

Sometimes it seems like every new day brings a new frontier in the murky world of online crime.

Your morning newspaper details the newest email scam going around town. The nightly newscast reports on the latest corporate data breach. Hackers and phishing over here. Identity theft over there.

It’s enough to make your head swim. Unfortunately, you can’t just ignore it and hope it goes away.

No, protecting your privacy and personal information on the Internet is a daily battle, which is why City Club of Central Oregon titled its June forum “You’ve Been Hacked! Privacy and Security, Obsolescent Values in the Digital Age.”

The event happened last week at St. Charles hospital in Bend and featured a panel discussion and lively Q&A session. The panelists were Sgt. Dan Ritchie, Administrative Patrol Sergeant with the Bend Police Department, Chris Akenson, Senior Security Analyst at Redhawk Security Solutions of Bend, and BendBroadband’s Director of Business to Business Marketing Stephanie Senner, who moderated the forum.

Early on, Senner offered a colorful way to think about the Internet: It’s both a “transcendent idea” and “something a squirrel could chew on,” she said.

“Everything about (the Internet) was built to share,” she added.

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Meet the Mariners Moose!

We here at BendBroadband are super-stoked to have the Seattle Mariners back on local TVs thanks to the return of ROOT SPORTS. So stoked that we might just give the Seattle Mariners Moose a big ol’ moose hug on Friday, July 3 when he makes an appearance at that night’s Bend Elks game against the… Continue Reading

Introducing CO4

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Introducing: Escape With TV

Introducing: Escape With TV

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The FIFA Women’s World Cup starts Saturday

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