Introducing: Escape With TV

Introducing: Escape With TV


Today, BendBroadband is launching Escape With TV, a multi-faceted and months-long promotional campaign that revolves around the impact television has on our lives and the emotional connection many people feel with the medium.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a series of new commercials that bring to life the immersive experience of getting caught up in a terrific story. The first in the series, “Fantasy,” focuses on one woman engrossed in a thriller and illustrates the power of TV to captivate viewers and provide an escape from their day-to-day lives. Watch it here:

The woman’s alter egos in the TV spot will be reflected across all tactics of the visual campaign, including billboards, digital ads, social headers, direct mail, email, print ads and more. You’ll see images of her in the woods, gritty and close to the action, as well as pictures of her on the couch, lost in the fantasy unfolding on her screen.

“Fantasy” was conceived by BendBroadband’s in-house creative services team and executed by award-winning visual guru Trevor McCreery using his bare-bones stash of essential equipment and an entirely local crew. McCreery has built a team of Bendites who help him put together each commercial he makes for BendBroadband; his director of photography, production assistant, voice-over talent and makeup and wardrobe staff all live here, and he even rents a grip truck from a guy in Sisters. In McCreery’s most recent commercial, “Kitty,” he used local friends — not actors — as on-screen talent.

Trevor McCreery of BendBroadband, left, and his director of photography, Eric Parnell of The NW Collective.
Trevor McCreery of BendBroadband, left, and his director of photography, Eric Parnell of The NW Collective.

“If you do this long enough, you just make enough connections that you either know someone who can do what you need, or you know someone who knows someone,” McCreery says.

The only thing in “Fantasy” not sourced in Central Oregon is the actress, Katie Michels, who lives in Portland and traveled to Bend to shoot the commercial.

“I needed someone who could deliver fear, anxiety, frustration and do it all without coming across extremely cheesy. Those are some of the hardest emotions to portray,” McCreery says. “I needed a real actor.”

The commercial was filmed at two Central Oregon locations in one late-May day. Production of the scene in the woods had to be precisely planned, as the crew had access to a limited number of purple smokebombs, McCreery says.

With “Fantasy” on its way to television screens across the region, McCreery has already turned his attention to the next installment of Escape With TV and the logistical challenges it will present. We’re keeping the concept under wraps for now, but rest assured there’s plenty of preparation already underway.

“The cool thing about this team we have is we’re all friends,” McCreery says. “This is fun for us.”

Katie Michels on the set of "Purple Fog."
Katie Michels on the set of “Fantasy.”

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