We’re upgrading your email experience


Excellent news!

BendBroadband is upgrading to a new email platform and webmail experience between late September and early October. All customers who send or receive email using a bendbroadband.com, bendcable.com and/or chamberscable.com address will be impacted by this change.

The move will require some effort on our customers’ part, but the end result will be an email service that is more reliable, with a much-improved webmail interface and a number of new features not available on our current email platform. The new email system will have larger inboxes, increased email-size limits, more organizational tools and search capability.

We’ve set up a website that includes details of the upgrade, step-by-step guidance through the transition, FAQs, support resources and more. We’ll be adding to the page as the project progresses, too, and you can keep up with everything related to the upgrade on this blog, and at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Again, that website is: bendbroadband.com/emailupgrade.

We’re upgrading your email experience

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