Learn more about your new email inbox

Learn more about your new email inbox

If you send and/or receive email using a bendbroadband.com, bendcable.com or chamberscable.com email address, you’ve now had about a month to explore your new BendBroadband email service.

For some customers, that probably means you’ve learned how to compose and send messages, check your email and other basic functions. And some of you have no doubt poked around the new Zimbra-powered system and tried out a few of its many nifty features.

No matter how you’ve used your inbox so far, now that you’re getting comfortable with it, we suggest watching this video tour of the new email service. It covers the customizable appearance and functionality of your inbox, managing emails with tags and folders, the system’s powerful search capability, using the associated address book, calendar and task list, and more.

Remember: The 60-day post-upgrade period for moving emails or contacts from your old email account to your new one ends Nov. 24 — just four weeks away. (Note: Emails and contacts that are stored on a personal device — your computer’s Outlook email program, for example — will not be impacted by this upcoming change.)

If you think you may want access after Nov. 24 to some emails, drafts, attachments or contacts that are currently in your old email, we suggest you move them sooner than later. Find out how to do that here.

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