Meet SuperEli!

Meet SuperEli!


As we’ve mentioned before, BendBroadband’s new promotional campaign, Gather Around, came to life with the help of about 30 local folks, none of whom are professional actors.

Confession: That’s not quite accurate. It wasn’t just 30 local folks who took part in our production.

It was 30 local folks and one local superhero.

Amelia Rabelhofer, who helped organize the Gather Around commercial shoot, takes advantage of a break in filming to snag a selfie with SuperEli.

Meet SuperEli, a 6-year-old Central Oregonian whose super power seems to be his ability to endure a long video/photo shoot using only his boundless energy and awesome attitude. In our Gather Around commercial, you’ll see SuperEli flying through the air with the greatest of ease (and a boost from his dad) right at the beginning. (You can hear just how much fun SuperEli had in this bonus footage.)

SuperEli’s real name is Elijah, and his dad is Aaron Wells, a patrol sergeant with the Redmond Police Department. He’s also a coach of Eli’s baseball team; Eli would like to be a baseball player when he grows up, and his favorite position is first base. He’s also a fan of “anything Beavers,” most likely because Dad played football at Oregon State in the late 1990s.

Of course, baseball and the Beavers is just what Eli’s into when he’s not busy “using super-strength to fight bad guys” as SuperEli says. During his commercial shoot for BendBroadband, SuperEli had to wear two different cape/mask combos: one orange and one blue. In blue, he said his super power is making water. In orange? He “shoots out beavers.”

He shoots out beavers! How cool is that??

The Gather Around campaign is all about our interaction with TV and the impact it has on our lives — as inspiration, as entertainment, as a tool for education and for bringing people together. SuperEli is himself inspired by his two favorite superheroes: Spider-Man and Wolverine. We think his dad, Aaron, is an inspiration, too, because of his service to our community.

SuperEli and his dad, Aaron Wells.
SuperEli and his dad, Aaron Wells.

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