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Planned outages next week as we double network capacity … again

New equipment awaits installation at BendBroadband's control center.
New equipment awaits installation at BendBroadband’s control center.

Last spring, we doubled the capacity of our cable broadband system, and we’re in the process of doing it again to ensure you have a good experience with our products.

Next week, BendBroadband will take down phone and Internet services in order to make upgrades to our network. Planned maintenance will occur between midnight and 6 a.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Dec. 2-4.

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If you have cable modem service in Bend, Sisters or Redmond, your phone and/or Internet service will be unavailable for a portion of these periods. Most customers will experience only one outage on one night between midnight and 6 a.m. (Actual outage time will vary between 30 minutes and a few hours.) Unfortunately, we are unable to pinpoint what areas will be affected on which night. If you typically use the phone or Internet during these hours, please be aware that your service will be impacted and plan accordingly.

The work is being done as soon and as quickly as possible in BendBroadband’s continuing effort to invest in our network, which has been delivering Central Oregon’s fastest Internet speeds for years. By late December, new capacity will be added for all customers in Bend, Redmond and Sisters.

Our crews already doubled network capacity back in May. The need for additional capacity continues to be driven by explosive growth in online video streaming, and this most recent leap in demand outpaced our expectations. Adding capacity at this pace is a grueling task and an upgrade of this scale took months to plan and prepare. We also took a little extra time to structure this upgrade so we can add capacity more quickly in the future as needs arise.

We have greatly appreciated everyone’s patience over the past few months as we readied this significant capacity increase.

Planned outages next week as we double network capacity … again

Free preview of Starz this long holiday weekend

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Two weeks left to access your old email

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Two weeks left to access your old email

Universal Sports Network is going away Nov. 16

Effective Nov. 16, Universal Sports Network will no longer be available to BendBroadband customers on channels 45 and 645 (HD). Universal Sports was recently purchased by NBC Universal. Unfortunately, the channel will cease to exist as of Nov. 16 and will be removed from our lineup. This decision, made by NBC Universal, is completely out of… Continue Reading