Internet outage this morning

Internet outage this morning

Good morning.

Our planned Internet outage for overnight maintenance has extended beyond the 6 a.m. end time for a portion of our service area.

Our teams are working diligently to bring those areas back online, and we will keep you posted on details as they come in from the field. We apologize to those of you affected this morning.

Update (3:39 p.m.): Our engineers have alerted us that all service should be restored. If you’re having difficulty at this time, a cable modem or third-party equipment reboot has been resolving any remaining issues.

We apologize greatly for the inconvenience this unexpected delay in service restoration caused you, our valued customers. We’re working on updating our communication plan to assure that any time we have a planned maintenance outage in the future, all of our customers are made aware with thorough and advanced notification.

We’re very sorry that didn’t take place this time around, and also that the outage affected many of our customers much longer than expected.

If you continue to have troubles with your internet service this afternoon, please call us at 541.382.5551.

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