LASTEST update on Fox contract negotiations

**UPDATE** January 3, 2017:

We’re pleased to let you know that your Fox channels will not be interrupted.

After much back and forth, BendBroadband and the Fox Networks reached acceptable terms that will keep Fox’s vast array of networks on the air for BendBroadband customers.

Escalating network fees are the No. 1 threat to affordable cable TV. The new terms ensure continued carriage of these channels in the BendBroadband lineup.

Happy New Year and thank you for being a BendBroadband customer.

Earlier updates…

December 20, 2016: We received many responses to our email update about the Fox negotiations. While we couldn’t answer every one, we heard you! Here is a brief progress update:

Negotiations are continuing and we’re still working towards an agreement. Right now, we are hopeful we’ll find common ground.

Truthfully, our choice is not to have any Fox channels go off the air. Our choice would be to keep Fox up and running. That said, we are also committed to providing a quality product for the best value possible. If we don’t feel an agreement will allow that to happen, we are obliged to take a stand.

We will have more information soon—stay tuned!


LASTEST update on Fox contract negotiations

8 Responses to LASTEST update on Fox contract negotiations

  1. I just received notice of the upcoming 2017 price increases in my monthly bill, what have you done to replace the channels we lost in 2016 and still pay the same for?

  2. I have no interest in Fox News or their other channels. The current negotiations are not on my behalf and I see no reason why my cost should increase whatever the outcome. Customers should be allowed to pay for what they want to see instead of being forced to buy packages. Some content is far more expensive than others and it’s time that people paid in accordance to their viewing preferences. The current approach is unfair and forces those who can’t afford it to subsidize costly programming whether they want it or not just in order to have tv service. It’s very unfair!

  3. Fox News and Fox Business are important in our decisions to subscribe with Bend Broadband. Do hope you are able to negotiate a low-priced “fix”.

  4. I would be happy to see FOX news go away. If my rates go up in order for BB to keep FOX, I will look for another provider.

  5. A few people commenting here want Fox News and other associated channels to go away. One says the negotiations are not in his behalf. I disagree. BB negotiations are on all of BB subscribers behalf. I do not care for golf. Never liked it. Do not watch it. Do I like paying for the Golf Channel? No. Does that mean the Golf Channel should be taken out of BB line-up? Of course not. I recognize that there are a lot of people in Central Oregon that do like golf. If you do not like care for a particular channel, don’t watch it. It is that simple.

  6. Not just talking about Fox News – do you like watching the Seahawks on Fox network or the many Fox prime time shows? BendBroadband needs to get this done. No cable service is worthwhile if you can’t offer all of the major networks.