Many of you are losing your data usage allowance

Many of you are losing your data usage allowance

More than half of BendBroadband’s internet customers are no longer subject to a monthly data usage allowance under a new initiative that goes into effect today.

Customers who subscribe to Bronze or above internet (including Silver, Gold and Platinum) and Essentials or above TV (including Preferred, Preferred Plus and The Works) are no longer limited on data usage and will no longer pay overage fees.

NOTE: May statements reflect data used in April under the old usage program and may include fees for customers who no longer have a limit.

This is the second time this year we’ve revised our data limit program in a way that favors customers. Those who don’t qualify for the new program will continue to be charged $10 per 50 GB in excess of their monthly usage allowance. Learn more about our usage allowance program and the different ways you can monitor your data usage.

Finally, if you’ve got BendBroadband internet or TV service but you’re still subject to a usage allowance, give us a call at 541-241-2580 to bundle qualifying services and start surfing with no limits. While you’ve got us on the phone, ask us about our new Ultrafast Internet packages, with speeds up to 300Mbps!

3 Responses to Many of you are losing your data usage allowance

  1. Next step: if you still don’t watch the lousy TV shows then we’ll charge you overage fees unless you watch 20 hours of TV a week.

  2. So, you charge for service like a utility but don’t want to be regulated like a utility…..