Attention: Email Scam Alert

Attention: Email Scam Alert

We have reports of an email scam hitting our customers to warn you about. Please be aware of any email from: “Bend Broadband Customer Service” — this is a scam account.

The request references YOUR MONTHLY BILL and says your payment was declined and that you need to update your information online by following a link. This is where they will steal your information. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. Do not give out your username and password or credit card info.

Simply delete this email.

Thank you to our customers who alerted us to this situation. This same scam hit around the same time last year. Your ability to detect phishing emails such as this is critical to protecting your personal information. Stay alert and please share this post to help protect your friends and family too.

If you opened the email, clicked one of the links and logged in then you need to change your BendBroadband account password immediately. You can change your password on your own by logging in to My Account on the BendBroadband website. You can also call 541-382-5551, if you need assistance. Please have your Account PIN ready when you call. If you provided credit card information we suggest you contact your credit card company and have a new card issued.

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