iOS 10: You’re going to want this

iOS 10: You’re going to want this

‘Tis the season!

It’s been a big week for Apple fans, as they recently learned about the much-anticipated release of the iPhone 7 and the soon-to-be-released updated operating system, iOS 10.

If that sentence just made your eyes glaze over, chances are you’re not an iPhone or Apple fan. But if not, read on. Apple made some big changes to its new operating system. And survey says? You’re going to like them.

First up: when is it hitting your devices?

Apple announced earlier this week that the new operating system will roll out on September 13 on iPhone 5s or newer. Sorry, iPhone 4, looks like you’re out of luck (and outdated!). iPad users will need to have the Mini 2 or newer. iPods must be 6th generation or newer. And, of course, those of you lucky enough to snag the iPhone 7 when it releases will have it preloaded on your shiny, new phone when it arrives.

Note: the update won’t roll out on all devices immediately on September 13. It can take more than a day to show up. Just keep an eye out for the update notification on your device. It’ll tell you when it’s ready. Patience, young grasshopper.

So, what’s changing? We’ll let Wired give you the full breakdown here. But some highlights from Wired here:

More Responsive Notifications

“You know that thing where Touch ID works so quickly that you blow right past your lock screen? Apple added a feature that shows you what’s on your display when you pick it up. From there, you can get more info or respond to them from the lock screen using 3D Touch. Apps with information that evolves in real-time (think Uber letting you know where a car is, or ESPN showing you a score) can have notifications update live. It also looks cleaner than before, which is going to be a theme here.”

iMessage, the Platform

“iMessage will have rich links inline, meaning you can play videos from YouTube or songs from Music without bailing out to another app. Its emoji are three times bigger than before, and it will prompt you to emojify any words (pizza, taco, love… eggplant?) as you type.

You can add effects to the text in your bubbles, making it larger if you want to shout and smaller if you’re feeling meek. You can write messages in “invisible ink,” that the recipient can only read after swiping, or you can blur them until they tap.

And then, again, those third-party integrations show up. iMessage now has an app drawer, meaning you can send money with Square, order food with DoorDash, and so on. Turning iMessage into a platform is a move Apple needed to make, especially with Facebook Messenger having already done most of this a year ago.”

Prettier, More Open Maps

“Maps got a design tweak (hello, pan and zoom mid-navigation) but more importantly it’s now open to third party developers. In the keynote example, you can use OpenTable to make a restaurant reservation, call it up on Maps, and summon an Uber to take you there.

Another small update that you’ll appreciate: Gas station listings. Sure!”

Read the rest on Wired!

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