Cloo Network going off the air

Cloo Network going off the air

Bad news, Cloo Network fans: NBCUniversal has decided to shut down this channel, effective February 1.

This is impacting every content provider in the country who carried Cloo, not just BendBroadband. NBCUniversal has simply decided to not move forward with this programming.

You previously found Cloo on channel 147.

10 Responses to Cloo Network going off the air

  1. Really pissed off about this! Cloo was my favorite channel…. NBC Universal….. You suck!

    • My TV was on Cloo 24 hours a day and this morning I go to turn it on and oh this channel was shut down

  2. Same as above it was one of my favorite channels to watch, if they even replace cloo it will be with some reality crap. Very disappointed.

  3. This move SUCKS, Cloo tv shows were regular as having a good cu of coffee, shame on you for this dis-service. Get it back on right away,