Webmail login change

Outage-Graphic_fw_Heads up, Bendbroadband Webmail users! The way you log in to your BendBroadband-provided webmail account has changed.

Now when you click “Webmail” at the top of bendbroadband.com, you’ll automatically be taken to mybendbroadband.com to log in to your email. You can do that by clicking the “Email” tab at the top of the page:


Once you’ve done that, the process is just like the one you’re used to. Type in your username and password and you’re on your way.

This change is part of bigger, better things coming to mybendbroadband.com. Stay tuned for a virtual tour of the site right here on the blog.

Webmail login change

28 Responses to Webmail login change

  1. New face page, etc. is a bit confusing. I do NOT want Google involved at all, or on the page, and I want to have my own choice of news sources. Lastly, where is the business market info as before!?

    • Charles, Thank you for your input. We appreciate your feedback. Please call 541-382-5551 for more assistance. Cheryl

  2. Why can’t you leave things alone,you just have to keep screwing things up.There must be something better out there, I am going to see if I can find it.

  3. Webmail doesn’t work (again), rejects password changes then when it finally accepted it – “Page not Found”. Please fix!!! I already spent 1/2 hour on hold, 1/2 hour with tech support…

  4. Bendbroadband has dismal record of not beta testing changes before implementation. This appears to be still another example of poor performance.

  5. I have the same issue as Larry. I made all of the changes, got to the new email marker, and it sends to an error page! Not good.

    • Ron, If you are still having trouble, please call 541.382.5551. Our on-hold time right now is less than five minutes. Thanks, Cheryl

      • Hey Cheryl, we know the phone number, what we’re trying to communicate to you and management is you either can’t or won’t fix it.

  6. Ok, so I can not access my email from my PC laptop… Error message 404. I can however, read my email from my IPhone and both IPads… At least they are accessable…… but now I can not send or respond from my IPhone or IPads……. Unbelievable

    • Overnight we worked to improve the security of our webmail service. When you login you may be asked to reset your password to a new, more secure password setting. Please follow the instructions as provided below. Cheryl

      Go to this web page for more information: https://bendbroadband.com/webmail/

  7. There is everything on my “EMAIL” except “EMAIL”. If I wanted to be a marketing target I would let you know that. I prefer to select my own news feed not have it blasted all over my “EMAIL”. What don’t you understand about the word “EMAIL” I would like to access my “EMAIL” only.

  8. Why have you messed up the ability to access email !!! Makes no sense at all…we just came back to Bend Broadband for TV/internet service 3 days ago and had left it because of being very dissatisfied with the service we were receiving but decided to give Bend Broadband (or are you now TDS????) another chance…now you have messed around with the one service that has always operated so well for the 14 years we have used it…..why ?????????

  9. Like others, my email account is also not working, very frustrating. I went to the NEW site and reset my password as requested, now not only can’t I access my account, but it will not accept a new password, asks me to have at least three consecutive letters in a row which I do, still will not accept new password, WHAT GIVES BENDBROADBAND?

  10. I cannot access my email at all. I reset my password. Still can’t get in. I need some help here. Thanks!

  11. I’m so glad its not just me frustrated. You post 3 days after that there will be changes after many attempts to GET IT myself and having to change my password. Don’t need the headache. Looking for something else also

  12. When I logged in, changed my password, selected 3 security questions I was not able to access my email, but I was redirected to someone else’s email. Huge violation of her privacy! I have been @bendcable.com for 19 years and am accessing @bendbroadband’s email. When talking with a technician, he tried to tell me “same thing”. No not the same thing! Two different people, two different accounts! Evidently, according to him, bendbroadband and bendcable accounts were “merged”. Where is MY EMAIL account? Where are all my business and personal emails and where are all my business and personal contact information? I am sitting here Day 3 with no contact, no idea if this will be resolved.

  13. wow here we are again changing the way we want customers to use the services they pay us for and of course without asking them how we can serve them better I bet next they will decide we have too many viewing options and or billing options so in our best interest will cut service and raise fees just so we know they are working so hard to help the loyal paying customer who is so inept to make simple security decisions pertaining to e-mail log in wow I feel better knowing they think we are all that stupid!!

  14. Extremely unhappy with your new system. Why cange!! Unable to access email from android. ..and what’s the deal with Google coming up. Very dissatisfied! !!!!!!!!

  15. I absolutely HATE your new mail system. Why do I have to be inundated with ads and a webpage to access my mail. You hit the email button and are redirected, why not just redirect from your home page? This makes no sense unless you are attempting to generate income from forcing us to view the ads on this page. Dreadful move!

  16. I can only say “ditto” to all of the preceding comments. I’ve gained nothing by this change. I now have to click around various news and ads to get to my email login. If nothing else, you need to make the email login as directly accessible as it was before.

  17. Oh and, by the way, I just got a phishing email from “Bendbroadband@customerservice.com” ” looking for me to update my payment info. I’d say they really took advantage of this change to maximize their response rate.

  18. Yes, having problem with Iphone email access. Worked fine before this recent change. Took the phone thinking it was it was the problem to Verizon this morning. They said many have already been in with this problem and that it was a Bendbroadband issue. Ugh! When is this going to be resolved? I can still access via pc but also use the phone. Why don’t you post a general alert to customers about this issue so that other customers can realize it is not their phone. and give some timely updates.

  19. To clarify: ok to receive email on IPhone but unable to send. Settings are all fine, Not being able to send is the problem. Messages go to outbox and “spins” until I delete (saving battery).

  20. I agree with everyone above. We don’t want another home page from anybody, including BBB. This only benefitsBBB and not the user. Leave things alone. Is anyone reading this?

  21. I need to know when the heck I’m gonna get e-mail service back. Four full days is absolutely ridiculous. It’s insane that nobody will provide any substantial information. I’m tired of calling the help number, tired of apologies and tired waiting. You have my ticket number. At least have the courtesy to provide information!