Find new ways to spread joy this spring

Find new ways to spread joy this spring

Spring has sprung which means it’s a perfect time to be reminded of the work surrounding the Bend Joy Project.

The Bend JOY Project is an opportunity and experiment with a mission to bring joy in meaningful ways in the community of Bend.

Like most ideas, the Bend Joy Project started small with the question, how can Bend stay kind. Conversations about a kindness initiative kept getting bigger, as more people chimed in saying, “I want to be part of that.”

The Bend Joy Project developed a video, has a photo sharing page on its web page and has 50 different action-oriented cards with messages that encourage others to be kind and joyful. Card examples include: encourage a child in some way this week; give yourself permission to try something new; and give a store, a business, a server, positive feedback.

There are orange-colored posters, light pole banners, window clings, digital slides, e-newsletter graphics and online communities through Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Simple reminders that offering a smile and a wave is more appreciated than a honk of your car horn.

On the Bend Joy Project web page it states: “We need one another, so why not share joy in line at the supermarket, in your neighborhood, on the Parkway, on the trail? It’s pretty simple, and to our community it could be simply wonderful.”

Zolo Media was a project partner on the Bend JOY Project and wants to keep this project going as we head into spring. We hope you enjoy the video that was produced for the Bend Joy Project and we encourage you to take the time to do something nice for a neighbor or donate an hour of your time to a local charity. Learn more at

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