Remote PC Support provides you a tech staff

Remote PC Support provides you a tech staff

RemotePCLaptops, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers are found almost anywhere. Computers make our lives more convenient; however, the magic of computers is balanced by the frustration we feel when they don’t work. Most of us don’t have the technical expertise (or, sometimes, the patience), to diagnose and fix whatever’s causing the problem.

To help, BendBroadband offers: Remote PC Support.

With Remote PC Support, you can receive comprehensive support service from our technical experts in the comfort of your own home, when you need it. For $12.95 per month, one of the service’s knowledgeable professionals will access your computer via the Internet and resolve problems in front of your eyes.

Our technical experts can repair and optimize your Windows or Apple MAC computer for the best performance. And, you don’t have to lug it to the store, wait for a repair visit or pay a fortune! We will also help you with setting-up your tablets (iPads and Android) and phones – including getting them to work with your home Wi-Fi network and getting your wireless printer, Apple TV, Roku or game station working on your Wi-Fi network. You can also get help setting up email on any number of devices.

Your subscription provides access to experts as often as you need and wherever you are, as long as you’re connected to the Internet. It’s essentially an all-you-can-use plan that puts no limit on how many times you can call.

Thanks to a free app, you can use the camera on your mobile device to show repair advisors cords and connections, a frequent source of trouble.

Customers who use the service, love it. Check out these comments regarding our repair advisors:

“He was the most patient man ever. He gave me time to find what I was looking for.”

 “The agent was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Taught me some things I didn’t know. Thanks so much for your service and for hiring people like him.”

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