BendBroadband converting to new bill system

BendBroadband is in the process of converting to a new billing system. This means you will soon see changes on how your BendBroadband bill looks, your payment options and more.

Changes will include:

  1. A new 16-digit account number to be used for calling us with questions about service and/or billing. In addition, a PIN will be assigned to your account. That will help make it secure and prevent unauthorized charges.
  2. A new look for your bill that includes a simplified design. Listed on your bill will be your previous balance, payments made, new charges, due dates and itemized charges including credits, taxes and fees. In June and July, paper copies of your BendBroadband bill will be sent in the mail. This includes to customers who may be signed up for auto-pay or who have chosen not to receive paper bills in the past. Once the conversion takes place, you can again choose to receive your bill electronically in our new Online Bill Pay system.
  3. A new due date for your bill beginning in July. To determine your new payment due date, look at your current BendBroadband bill and find your initial date of service. Then use the chart at this link. You will continue to be billed a month in advance and have plenty of time to pay. If you review your bill and have questions, feel free to call us a 541-382-5551.
  4. New Internet usage alerts. We will soon offer text notification options  in addition to email notifications.  You will automatically receive notification when you hit 90% or 100% of usage. And will be able to elect to receive alerts at 50%, 75% and 95%, too.
  5. Fee and rate adjustments. The following fees/rates go into effect on July 2:
  • Late payment fee is increasing from $5 to $6
  • Reconnection fee is increasing from $20 to $25 (applies to residential customers only)
  • Periodic international rate adjustments will go into effect on July 2. Current (and future) rates can be found here.
  1. Video-on-Demand credit limits. Residential customers will be able to order up to $250 worth of video-on-demand content each month. If you’d like to reduce your credit, call us at 541.382.5551.

Please remember to watch your inbox and mailbox for important information on the BendBroadband billing conversion plan. BendBroadband will also be updating our Facebook page and the blog.

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