Payment due dates to change in July for BendBroadband customers

Payment due dates to change in July for BendBroadband customers

BendBroadband is converting to a new billing system. The first bills from the new system will be issued in July and have a new payment due date.

To determine what your new payment due date will be, look at your current BendBroadband bill to find your initial date of service. Then, use this chart:

If your service           Expect to receive your                 Your new payment due date will be:
date begins on:         bill around the:                            

1st–3rd                       26th of the month                            21st of the following month

4th–6th                      27th of the month                            22nd of the following month

7th–9th                      3rd of the next month                      28th of the month

10th–12th                  5th of the next month                      25 days later (exact date varies)

13th–16th                  7th of the next month                      2nd of the following month

17th–19th                  12th of the next month                    7th of the following month

20th–22nd                 15th of the next month                    10th of the following month

23rd or 24th               18th of the next month                    13th of the following month

25th–28th                  20th of the next month                    15th of the following month

29th or 30th               22nd of the next month                  17th of the following month

31st                             24th of the next month                    19th of the following month

You will continue to be billed a month in advance and have plenty of time to pay.

Please Note: In the first month of our new billing system you may receive two bills. This is because we’re going to slightly delay the first printing of July bills. If you receive two bills, the due date for your July bill may fall after the date your August bill is issued. That means your August bill may include charges from your July bill. This is OK—you’re not getting charged twice! Simply pay the amount due for your July bill. Then pay the amount of your August bill. By your September bill, things will even out.

Attention Autopay customers: your automatic payment will be made in July on your new payment due date. Please plan accordingly.

And remember to watch your inbox and mailbox for important information on the BendBroadband billing conversion. BendBroadband will also update our Facebook page and the blog.

If you have questions, feel free to call us a 541-382-5551.


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