No Internet Usage Monitoring in June

No Internet Usage Monitoring in June

Due to the BendBroadband billing conversion, Internet usage will not be tracked in June, nor will it be viewable online. Therefore, overage charges will not apply.

In July, when the new billing system is in place, tracking (and overages) will resume. You’ll also be able to see up to 12 months of Internet usage history online (once usage accumulates).

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Once the new billing system is operating, you’ll have the new option of receiving your Internet-usage status by text alert! Text alerts can be received in addition to, or in place of, email notifications.

Whether you choose to receive alerts by text, email, or both, you’ll automatically receive notification when you hit 90% or 100% usage. You can also elect to receive alerts at 50%, 75%, and 95%.

Nothing else about your Internet allowances will change. Your allotted usage per month and overage charges will stay the same. Once the new system is up, we’ll be sure to tell you how to select the notifications you want to receive.

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