Redmond Brewfest features 300 craft beers, Aug. 18-19

Redmond Brewfest features 300 craft beers, Aug. 18-19

Enjoy two full days of more than 300 unique craft beers at the Inaugural Redmond Brewfest, Aug. 18-19.

Hosted by The Beer Stop, more than 75 micro-breweries, including ciders, kombucha and wine, will be featured at the event held the weekend before the solar eclipse, Aug. 21. Free live music and street and food vendors will be at the American Legion Park in Redmond, Ore. on Friday, Aug. 18 through Saturday, Aug. 19 from noon to 10 p.m.

Profits from all alcohol sales will benefit four local children organizations including: REACH,  The Rock of Redmond Wrestling, RAPRD and the Redmond Parks Foundation.

Join us in Redmond for a few days to enjoy some deliciously crafted beverages. Redmond Brewfest is sponsored by BendBroadband. Order your mugs and tokens by Aug. 17 and save $5.

Coming to Brewfest? Here’s some information about Redmond
Redmond has ideal weather for getting outside and experiencing the sights and adventures all around it. If you like to climb and hike, TPark_6954_080112Smith Rock State Park is a short drive from Redmond.  It’s famous for its thousands of outstanding rock climbing routes, attracting climbers of all ability levels.  You can also take on the Misery Ridge Trail, a grueling hike that ascents 900 feet in elevation in just one mile. The breathtaking view over the Cascade Range is worth it if you’re surefooted enough to make the hike. However, it’s not necessary to climb a mountain to see the natural beauty of Smith Rock. There are numerous hiking and camping destinations, and Smith Rock Park and the surrounding areas have incredible biking trails.

Redmond’s Dry Canyon Park, or its very own “Central Park,” is a historic park with some modern twists. Most of the 3-mile Dry Canyon is nature preserve area, ensuring its natural beauty is preserved for all to enjoy while still providing designated recreational and picnic space. The Dry Canyon Trail runs through the canyon floor with various parks and activities along the way, such as disc golf, tennis courts, and plenty of trail space for bikers, walkers, and more.

A day exploring the great outdoors definitely earns you a drink (or two). Redmond is home to four craft breweries, six vineyards, and two wineries. Central Oregon was even named a “wine region” in 2011.

Redmond isn’t only the summer spot for outdoor activities. It boasts about its dry powder, perfect for hitting the slopes in the winter months. The snow-covered scenery is just as photo-worthy as in the summer, but now people will be seen sliding, skiing, and snowboarding down mountains rather than climbing up.

Again, Redmond still offers fun in the winter for those who prefer to admire the mountains from below. Redmond Ice Skating Rink opens during the winter months and offers fun skating for people of all ages and skill sets.

MOTGCommunity Events:
Music on the Green is one Central Oregon’s longest-running music events after 20 years of providing free music to the community every other Wednesday evening throughout the summer. Families are invited to listen to music, play on Redmond’s Hope playground, and enjoy food.

Around the holidays, the Redmond Chamber of Commerce hosts numerous family events, such as the Starlight Parade and the Holiday Village Market. The Chamber of Commerce funds many of its free events through its Bacon & Brew festival and annual golf tournament.

Known as “Flag City USA.” The name originated on Independence Day in 1991, when flags were placed around the city to welcome troops of Operation Desert Storm home. Now, on certain holidays throughout the year, more than 1,400 flags are placed around the city by volunteers.

Local Stars:
Redmond was home to many politicians, including former U.S. House of Representative’s member Les AuCoin, former Oregon House of Representatives member and Redmond Mayor Sam Johnson, and the 30th Governor of Oregon Tom McCall.

In 1919, Arthur Tuck became a national track and field star when he was the only student from Redmond High School to compete in the Oregon state track and field championship. He won seven of the 12 events, singlehandedly winning the state title for Redmond High School.

Redmond is truly a one-of-a-kind city with attractions for anyone. It should be a bucket list destination for all lovers of the outdoors!

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