Big Ten Network, Fox Soccer Plus added to new channels

Football is kicking off and the soccer season is heating up. To help with your viewing pleasure, BendBroadband is adding the Big Ten Network to the Preferred TV package on Aug. 15 and Fox Soccer Plus will move from a la carte to the Bronze Sports package on Sept. 11. The Big Ten Network will continue on the Bronze Sports package.

Great News! Big Ten Network is Here!
Brush up on your knowledge of the Big Ten Conference now that the Big Ten Network (BTN) is being added to BendBroadband’s Preferred TV package.

The Big Ten Conference is one of the oldest Division I college athletic conferences in the United States. The conference has 14 members, with seven teams in the East Division and seven teams in the West Division.

The Big Ten Network (BTN) is on the air 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. The network nationally televises more than 500 events and streams approximately 1,000 more events each year. The network provides comparable coverage of men’s and women’s sports across all platforms.

First, of course, there’s football—and there’s plenty. Before the games begin, you’ll get all the 2017 fall camp coverage you want. Once games do start, you can watch them in full or catch them later on the Big Ten in 60, which shows the games in an hour instead of three hours, which leaves you more time to watch other BTN programs. But beyond the gridiron, there are lots of other shows and sports to think about.

There’s Big Ten Elite and The Journey. One gives you the complete story about great football and basketball squads in the history of the conference and the other gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the teams.

There’s Campus Eats that highlights unique restaurants (with a few attractions thrown in for fun) found in the 14 cities in the Big Ten.

Large student enrollment is a hallmark of Big Ten universities, with 12 of the 14 members having more than 30,000 students. Only Northwestern University and University of Nebraska – Lincoln have fewer than 30,000 students. Northwestern is the lone private university in the conference.

Johns Hopkins University joined the Big Ten as an associate member in men’s and women’s lacrosse. Notre Dame joined the Big Ten in 2017 as an associate member in men’s ice hockey.

Since 2015, the Rose Bowl has been part of the College Football Playoff system and hosts one of its semi-final games every three years. During non-Playoff years, the Rose Bowl reverts to a Pac-12/Big Ten matchup.

Fox Soccer Plus
2845510_large-lndGet ready for 2018 FIFA World Cup, June 14 to July 15, 2018, in Russia.  A total of 64 soccer matches will be played in 12 different stadiums across 11 cities in Eastern Europe. A total of 32 national teams will be part of the tournament. The final match will take place July 15 in Moscow at Luzhniki Stadium. Russia will host the 2018 World Cup for the first time.

Teams to watch for the 2018 World Cup are Germany, Chile, Portugal and Mexico who took the top four places in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, a prelude to the FIFA World Cup. Brazil, Iran and Russia (automatic host qualifier) have already qualified for the World Cup.

Also keep tabs on the Major League Soccer (MLS) as their playoffs are held in October and November, with the MLS Cup Final slated for December. The Seattle Sounders and the Vancouver Whitecaps are in fifth and sixth place respectively in the Western Conference.

In the National Women’s Soccer League, their regular season ends Sept. 30 and the top four teams qualify for the playoffs. The Portland Thorns are in third place in a tight race at the top.


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