The Cable Guys bring home a championship

The Cable Guys bring home a championship

BendBroadband’s softball team “The Cable Guys” didn’t exactly have a stellar start to their season, but it did set them up for an underdog success story. The Cable Guys participate in a softball league organized by the City of Bend’s Parks and Recreation District. All teams are sponsored by a local business or organization.

Coming into the playoffs, The Cable Guys’ regular season record of five wins and seven losses had them tied for third place among six teams. It was a season filled with adversity as The Cable Guys struggled to find regular season balance.  The team knew they would have to step it up to be BendBroadband’s first softball team to bring home the championship in the 10 years they have participated.

“We looked to our skipper, Mike Wheeler, for words of motivation and guidance. Mike, being the dedicated employee he is, regretfully had a work assignment during the grueling first-round playoff doubleheader and was unable to play,” said BendBroadband’s Jared Pahl, network specialist.

Amid crisis, BendBroadband’s Zach Ayers, broadband technician, stepped up and offered the team simple advice, “Win at all costs.”

Those words proved to be just what the team needed to hear. They won both of their games by means of the “10-run rule,” or “mercy rule,” that awards a team a win if they are up by 10 or more runs in the sixth inning. The Cable Guys even took down the first place team that had beaten them in all three of their regular season meetings.

With a newfound confidence, The Cable Guys were ready to play in the championship game. The game began under a light haze of forest fires and ended with a championship plaque and game ball returning to BendBroadband by means of another “10-run rule” victory over the second place team.

Congratulations to The Cable Guys on their championship win!

IMG_22431The Cable Guys Team Photo: Back row L-R: Kai Steigman-Wilson (former employee), Mike Wheeler, Mike Arrera, Dan Curfew (non-employee), Dave Sims, Ron Davis, Nick Schuetz, Jared Pahl, Pedro Joyner, and AJ Naylor (former employee); Front row: Skylar Holliman, Chris Anthony (non-employee), Zach Ayers, Greg Mikkelson, Josh Curley, Doug Huebner, and Steve Wheeler (non-employee).

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