BEAT Children’s Theatre provides many benefits for young people

BEAT Children’s Theatre provides many benefits for young people

 All the world’s a stage — William Shakespeare’s As You Like It

When a child acts, they walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. They start wondering why their character made certain choices. Understanding others lays the foundation for compassion and empathy, which are personality skills necessary for corporate leaders, medical professionals and more.

Because of the skillsets that theatre teaches, BendBroadband is proud to be an in-kind sponsor of BEAT Children’s Theatre in Bend.

BEAT produces four or more performances per year and also offers acting classes.  During stage work and classes, children learn skills in stage movement, voice and diction, improvisation, song and dance.

Fan 12Bree Beal, executive director of BEAT, said theatre teaches young people so much. “At BEAT, we focus on learning about collaboration, fostering creativity and being a positive part of a community.  As individuals, our actors learn public speaking skills, presentation skills, and creating costumes and building sets.  Most importantly, we make sure they have fun!”

Whether young people are on stage, backstage or in the audience, theatre arts encourages young people to stretch their imagination skills and their courage. “These skills can be a very empowering experience for children,” Beal said.

“What young people learn through theatre and a class, helps them perform better in all areas of their life,” said Beal. “Theatre also promotes self-confidence in young people at a critical time in their lives.”

Beal added that she very much appreciates all the support BendBroadband has offered over the years. “BendBroadband is a huge part of our ability to grow our organization,” she said. “We are so grateful for our community partners!!”

Next production up for BEAT is Tom Sawyer, Oct. 5-7. Current classes are listed on the BEAT web site.

BEAT is celebrating 11 years in the Bend community and was recently nominated by Musical Theater International in New York City as an outstanding example of children’s theatre.

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