Month of Giving: The Center Foundation

Month of Giving: The Center Foundation

The Center Foundation is one of nearly 25 nonprofits that BendBroadband provides free or reduced internet and video services. Every Friday during our Month of Giving campaign, BendBroadband is featuring one of these organizations on our web page. In addition, every day we are featuring one nonprofit on our Facebook and Twitter sites. We hope you enjoy learning more about these wonderful organizations that help make Central Oregon a better place to live. 

Providing a second chance at high school sports for her son is why BendBroadband’s Kelsie Daubenschmidt-Bixler, account manager – Sunriver, is getting the word out about an innovative program in her community.

Kelsie-Bixler“The first time you receive a call that your child is hurt,” Kelsie said, “you’re heart drops. “To have an athletic trainer “right alongside you is really assuring.”

Kelsie provided the personal touch when she spoke at The Center Foundation Sip and See fundraiser in Bend in October.  Her family’s story was featured in a video developed by Zolo Media’s Matt Pugerude.

The video shows the relationship built between the Daubenschmidt-Bixler family and Lindsay Hagler, a certified athletic trainer at Mountain View High School in Bend, where Kelsie’s son plays football and rugby.

The event raised nearly $48,000 for The Center Foundation, which helps prevent, diagnosis and manage sport-related concussions and injuries through the funding of its certified athletic trainer program throughout Central Oregon.  These athletic trainers attend practices and home games and provide full-time on-site medical care.

BendBroadband Business is a community sponsor of The Center Foundation and Zolo TV is a media/in-kind sponsor.  For Kelsie and her sophomore-age son, Ryan Daubenschmidt, The Center Foundation has been a lifesaver.

The beginning
Their story begins the summer before eighth grade when Ryan attended his first, four-day Linfield College Team Football Camp in McMinnville, Ore., located three hours northwest of Bend.

At that camp, Ryan sustained his first concussion.

Concussion“When I received that first phone call at 9:25 at night from Lindsay, my heart dropped because my son was away from me.” said Kelsie. But Lindsay told me right away that she would stay up with Ryan and make sure he was safe throughout the night.

“Her call instantly brought me comfort. Her compassion really came through on how the foundation really cares about the kids,” she said.

It was the next year during Ryan’s freshman year when he sustained his second concussion. Once again, Lindsay was there to help Ryan recover. Lindsay communicated with Ryan’s doctor after the incident and during the recovery, said Kelsie. “The communication she provided is phenomenal.”

Ryan later broke his collar bone and then later his foot. Each time, Kelsie said Lindsay was there working with him to recover. “She wraps his angle before and after practice and makes sure he is healthy enough to play,” she said. “If it wasn’t for Lindsay and the athletic trainers, he probably would not have come back this season.”

Kelsie describes her 15-year-old son, a 6’4”, 210-pound athlete, as a “gentle, giant.”

Sports have taught Ryan so many things about being a teammate and life in general, she said. “He has grown so much as a young man and now as a young adult. Without this program, he may not have had these opportunities,” she said, adding that he may have given up on sports without Lindsay’s support.

Ryan_Daubenschmidt“He’s getting daily attention and feedback,” Kelsie said, which means Kelsie doesn’t need to run back and forth to the doctor’s office because Lindsay is there working with Ryan’s physicians and providing updates on his condition. “I can’t tell you how much time and money these athletic trainers save the families,” Kelsie said.

“Lindsay makes it so easy. She’s amazing,” Kelsie said.

The foundation’s athletic trainers serve more than 7,000 students at over 760 JV and varsity sporting events per year. The Center Foundation not only assists with sports related injuries, but also educates students and coaches the importance of sports safety. Their services are valued at around $400,000 a year.

Shay Mikalson, superintendant of Bend La Pine School District, said what’s truly unique for us in Central Oregon is the opportunity to have “The Center Foundation be the team behind our teams. It’s in this partnership that brings truly a level of care to our students that we could never do alone.”

Did You Know?
Fewer than 42% of high schools in America have athletic trainers, but in Central Oregon, 80% of high schools have access to an athletic trainer.

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