Zolo launches ‘We Believe’ campaign

Zolo Media launched an exciting storytelling campaign at the end of 2017 in order to distinguish themselves from the competition. “We believe that everyone has a voice and with that voice comes the right to be heard,” said Michele O’Hara, marketing manager.

“The ‘We Believe’ campaign was the opportunity to set ourselves apart from traditional local news, which is losing viewership, due to people being tired of ambulance chasing, opinion news and negative drama. We asked local “stars and heroes” to be part of it in their real world settings and intermingled them with talent for Central Oregon Daily,” said Michele.

The campaign is receiving plenty of praise for being executed well. “We have been asked to present the ‘Making of Central Oregon Daily’ for Oregon Innovative Marketing (OIM). We’ve had so many people like and share the commercial and our clients also recognize the difference in our news versus the ‘old news,'” said Michele.

Have a look at the promotion for the campaign below:

Central Oregon: We Believe

Their official statement for Central Oregon Daily’s new campaign reads, “We believe that the news viewer has a desire for the news to play a very different role: that of world explainer. People want news that helps make sense of the world; tools for living. News that helps people navigate life though knowledge & understanding to make progress as a society, taking us on a journey that makes us better together.”

Filming the campaign proved to be quite difficult. “The challenge in the making of this spot was that we had to film 23 people at various times and diverse locations. The idea came from a poem that was written by one of the talent, and Joe Dean took it forward to write the spot. It was shot by our new Creative Services producer, Gary Eidsmoe,” said Michele.

By Mike Wanta, brand journalist

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