Where is my BendBroadband bill?

Have you been expecting your BendBroadband bill in the mail, but it hasn’t arrived?  Your bill may no longer be arriving in the mail because a BendBroadband Online Account was created and viewed by you in the Online Bill Payment section of our website.  Doing so, automatically switched you to paperless billing.

If you would like to go back to receiving a paper bill, you can to do that by going to My Account, located on the navigation bar on the front page of www.bendbroadband.com. From here you login under Online Bill Pay. You will then see your Account Profile and Billing Preferences at the bottom of that section. Select EDIT next to “You are currently signed up for Paperless Statement” (see below) and click EDIT and then UNCHECK the box and click CONTINUE. However, keep in mind that the benefits of paying your bill electronically means you can pay your bill when it works best for you.


Where is my online bill?
If you’ve been expecting an online bill and you haven’t seen it, please note the bill may be in your spam filter. Your bill reminder comes from support@mycareportal.com (see below). This is because the billing section of our website is powered by the MyCare Portal.  We are working with MyCare Portal to change the delivery address so that it comes from BendBroadband.


Another reason you may not be receiving your online bill is that it may be going to an e-mail address that you don’t check or use anymore. You can change the Billing E-mail Address where your billing reminder goes to by logging into Online Bill Pay. Click Profile. Click EDIT next to Billing E-mail.

In addition, the e-mail notification you will receive in your inbox states that your bill is ready to view. To view your statement, you will need to login to Online Bill Pay and then click View Bill. (see below)



Please note that you don’t have to use a @bendbroadband.com e-mail. Your Secure Login username looks like a BendBroadband e-mail address, but you don’t have to receive e-mail at this username.  Use the steps above to switch your Billing e-mail and Account Notification e-mail to the primary e-mail you would like to use.

Finally, please note that you can keep using your Secure Login username for logging into your Online Billing Account, TVEverywhere, etc.

If you have additional questions, please contact BendBroadband at 541.382.5551




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