Our website has a few small changes

We made some changes “under the hood” of the BendBroadband website to make it faster and easier to navigate. Here’s a quick overview of the changes you might notice:

• On the navigation bar, under Support: a drop-down menu has been added so you can quickly access topics including: Internet, TV, Phone, Account and Email.
• Under Support, we’ve added an Email Support category.
• Under Support, Billing Support has been renamed to Account Support.
• On the navigation bar, News was renamed Blog.
• In the Business section, Services was renamed Products.
• Also in the Business section, Solutions was renamed Industries.
• Under My Account, later this month we are renaming the My Email Manager to Manage Account.

In addition, many of the URLs for Support and Business pages have changed, but the old URLs will automatically redirect to the new ones. Be sure to update any saved Favorites.

Please enjoy the new site. Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement. Please send those suggestions via our general questions contact form located here. You can place your suggestions in the form’s comment section.

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