Tower Theatre’s LessonPLAN inspires students

Tower Theatre’s LessonPLAN inspires students

Theater is more than entertainment for young people, it’s also a component of their development.

The number of theaters catering to youth across America is increasing, and the professional quality of many companies has shown that more and more theater groups are reaching out to young audiences. This is one of the many reasons, BendBroadband is a proud supporting sponsor of LessonPLAN (Performing Live Arts Now), which has engaged young minds in the theater since 2011.

Here in Central Oregon, more than 20,000 students have connected to the performing arts thanks to Tower Theatre’s award-winning education and outreach program known as LessonPLAN.

Students and teachers from public, private, and home school groups are invited to attend matinee performances and in-school assemblies. Throughout the school year, LessonPLAN presents performances by local, national, and international artists to inspire and engage students. These performances represent a variety of arts disciplines and are specifically designed for young audiences. Supporting curriculum related materials are sent to participating teachers to prepare students for the performances.

These performances engage young minds, enrich their educational experience and build a love for the theater. Thanks to grants and donors, participating schools are offered these performances at a minimal charge.

In this fast-paced media world, bringing your child to the theater is a new experience for them. During a two-hour performance, young people see firsthand that something can be entertaining without a constant change of scenery.

Plays and musicals can also illustrate many different lessons in life. The play Teaching Peace by Red Grammer includes songs of caring, community, and conflict resolution, while The Right to Dream brings to life the struggle and sacrifices for civil rights in America by recreating a compelling coming of age story. Theater is a safe way to expose young people to difficult situations and show them how to handle these situations.

The Tower Theatre is a hub for culture, connections and artistic experiences. More importantly, the next generation of theater-goers enjoy LessonPLAN programs that engage their minds and hearts.

Lora Nordquist, assistant superintendent of Bend-La Pine schools, said LessonPLAN and its performances can transform the way see their world and themselves.

“Performing arts inspire, teach and challenge us,” she said. “They help us understand and appreciate other people, perspectives and cultures.”

Information about LessonPLAN season is mailed to all Central Oregon schools in the Fall and throughout the school year. Requests from schools are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis as seats are available. For more information please contact The Tower Theatre Foundation’s Education Manager Dani Wyeth at



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