La Pine: small town with big beauty

La Pine: small town with big beauty

Located in central Oregon, La Pine usually sits in the shadows of Bend and Crater Lake National Park. However, this quaint town deserves to shine just the same.

La Pine goes by the saying “small town strong,” and rightfully so. Roughly 1,700 individuals claim La Pine as their home and do so in a way that supports the small town idea – embracing one another and helping out where needed. The town was incorporated in 2006, making it the youngest in Oregon.

While it is rather young, it still has a lot to boast, and as of recent, this includes a high school state title. Home of the Hawks, La Pine High School claimed its first baseball state title in school history this past spring.

The town also holds its strength in nature and the resources in its backyard. The town is located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and also has seamless access to the Deschutes River.  These two resources create plenty of outdoor attraction year-round – whether that’s paddling down the river or skiing in the mountains.

La Pine State Park is a beautiful resource not to be forgotten. Whether the trip demands fishing, wilderness exploration, mountain biking or even eagle and red-tailed hawk watching, you can do it all here. The park is home to Oregon’s largest ponderosa pine tree (the most widely distributed pine in North America), if you are looking to check that off of your bucket list.

BendBroadband is proud to serve much of central Oregon, including La Pine. BendBroadband announced the acquisition of Crestview Communications in August 2017.

BendBroadband is proud to sponsor La Pine’s Fourth of July celebration, Frontier days, July 1-4. Frontier Days embraces the spirit of the community and includes a daily breakfast, a wide variety of activities including lawnmower races, apple pie contests, “wild ‘n wacky” kids games and a daily quilt and art show. Each night, there is also entertainment. BendBroadband will be at Frontier Days. The festival ends with a fireworks display on the Fourth of July.

La Pine is not just a small town; it’s a small town in the middle of beautiful central Oregon – an area worth the trip to see.

By Morgan Grunow, Communications Intern

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