BendBroadband’s black Labrador – Scout – dies

BendBroadband’s black Labrador – Scout – dies

We are sad to report that Scout, a local black Labrador who was featured in several BendBroadband ads, passed away in mid-July at the age of 13.

Scout performed in many film and photo shoots for the BendBroadband’s “Local Dog” campaign, including a commercial where she spent a day chasing a mountain bike rider up and down the Tumalo Falls Trail and one where she was asked if she could spot a good deal. Her woofs were a definite yes.  

Scout’s owners, Sandy and Bruce Cummings, said that after 13 years of “chasing squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies and butterflies, her back legs quit working. She was just the best, a funny, sweet, sensitive, and gentle girl. Thank you BendBroadband for making her a local star.”

Scout’s marketing career began after BendBroadband was looking for a “Local Dog” to serve as the face for an ad campaign. We found Scout through one of her trainers and hired her for the job.

Scout was one of two dogs featured in a September, 2013 Bend Bulletin story about dogs who have careers.  In the story, Scout was labeled a TV Star for her work in BendBroadband marketing campaigns. The story noted that Scout was bred to be seeing-eye dog and was enrolled in the Guiding Eyes for the Blind dog program in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., but Scout never graduated. (The majority of dogs do not pass the program). Eighteen months later, Scout moved to Bend with the Cummings family.

Having a local celebrity in the family, the Cummings said meant the family was frequently introduced as the people who own Scout.

“I’ll never forget walking Scout in Shevlin Park and running into a group of children who were about 10 years old,” Sandy said. “One of them saw her and immediately said, ‘That looks like the BendBroadband dog!’ I told the children that yes, she IS the BendBroadband dog! The kids got SO excited — they circled around her and petted her like crazy.”

While the Cummings said they will miss Scout terribly, they are “relieved she’s no longer in pain and are grateful to BendBroadband for giving Scout a job. We’re sure it boosted her confidence after she washed out of guide dog school.”

Winston, another local black lab who appeared in BendBroadband ad campaigns, passed away at the age of 12 in the spring of 2015.








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