He travels to Bend for work, volunteers here too

He travels to Bend for work, volunteers here too

Alan Leopold enjoys helping others. When he’s at home, he’s a volunteer firefighter for the North Freedom Fire Department in Wisconsin and has been for the last 23 years.

However, Alan often travels from Madison, Wisconsin to Bend to train employees, so when he’s away from home, Alan continues to give back.

When Alan first traveled to Bend in July, 2016, Rob White, who works in customer repair with BendBroadband, invited Alan to help out at a local church. Now, when he travels to Bend, Alan packs his axe and heads to Nativity Lutheran Church at nights or on the weekends to split and haul wood so families can heat their homes in the winter.

TDS, the parent company of BendBroadband, encourages its employees to volunteer locally.  Alan, who has worked at TDS for 21 years and is a team lead for Talent Development, has gone beyond that standard by volunteering when he’s on the road too. Leopold2.png

Alan also lends a hand in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he helps at the Union County Humane Society in Maynardville, Tennessee where Nancy Wise, a TDS employee, also volunteers.  Alan spends his time here processing wood to heat the facility, doing maintenance and performing repairs.

When asked why he chooses to volunteer even when he’s traveling, Alan said, “I like to stay busy and I feel lucky to help out these great organizations. It also makes me feel more like a member of the community, rather than just a visitor.”

Recently, Alan and his wife rescued two cats from the Sauk County Humane Society in Wisconsin and they make weekly donations to support the shelter’s mission.  He also teaches fire safety tips to children in the schools around where he lives in Wisconsin.

“I love working with kids of all ages and teaching them how to be safety conscious,” Alan said. “I also enjoy teaching kids how to operate a fire extinguisher and safely exit a school bus or house in the event of a fire.”

Alan was named the Volunteer of the Quarter for TDS.

By Morgan Grunow, Communications Intern

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