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BendBroadband helps expand helmet safety program

BendBroadband helps expand helmet safety program

With local schools back in session, BendBroadband is again partnering with The Center Foundation to help educate area students about the importance of helmet safety.

The program — called Train Your Brain – sends athletic trainers from The Center Foundation into schools to provide education on brain injury prevention and proper helmet fitting. Last spring, the program reached 24 schools and around 2,000 students in Central Oregon. Nearly 1,200 kids took home free helmets thanks to Train Your Brain.

Last school year, BendBroadband’s cash and in-kind donations to the program helped organizers expand Train Your Brain beyond Bend and into Redmond, Sisters, Culver, Madras and Crook County. This school year, organizers hope to take the program to La Pine, said Sonja Donohue, executive director of The Center Foundation.

“We are proud to bring the Train Your Brain curriculum to public elementary schools in Central Oregon to educate and equip students in a fun, engaging program,” Donohue said. “Thanks to BendBoadband, First Interstate and Summit BMC, we have doubled our reach and hope to provide free helmets to every local third grader who needs one.”

Wearing a helmet consistently reduces the risk of injury, whether you’re a kid on a bicycle or an adult on a motorcycle … like this guy. Reminder: Oregon law requires all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet that complies with U.S. Department of Transportation standards.




National Cyber Security Awareness Tips

National Cyber Security Awareness Tips

This month marks the 15th year of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)—an annual initiative designed to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and provide resources to help Americans stay safe online. Cybersecurity is a broad term used to describe different protective measures you can take to keep your computer and personal information safe. It… Continue Reading

Sun outages expected from Oct. 5-13

Dear BendBroadband customers, Each spring and fall, TV service for TDS customers experience a technical phenomenon called “sun outages.” This fall, the solar satellite interference are expected from Oct. 5-13. Solar interference happens when the sun’s path across the sky gets lower each day. During the spring and fall for about two weeks, the sun… Continue Reading

Best horror films of all time

Successful horror films play to our greatest fears and phobias. Elements that make scary movies work include: Death (A must for any horror film) The Dark (What are kids afraid of?) Creepy Things (Rats, spiders, snakes) The Unknown/Scary Places (Graveyards, old homes, attics) Suspense/Tension (Alfred Hitchcock was the master) Spooky Music (Umm, Psycho) Lightning and… Continue Reading