Mountain bike trails worthy of a visit

Mountain bike trails worthy of a visit

Though it may seem like the optimal season for outdoor sports is coming to a close, this is not the case in Bend.

Peak summer months and weather bring tourists by the thousands to the beautiful landscapes. The rising summer population crowds one of the best outdoor activities in Bend – mountain biking.

For those who are lucky enough to arrive in Bend after the swarms of tourists and mosquitos, the trails are a great way to experience the vast beauty of Oregon’s nature.

Mountain biking is not exclusive to professionals; there are many trails for beginners as well.

Below are five highly-rated mountain biking trails near Bend.

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Badlands Loop Trail

This 18.5 mile looped trail is rated as easy. Rookie mountain bikers and seasoned professionals alike will enjoy views of the Cascades, rock formations, wildlife and fauna as you navigate around the loop. Be sure to bring water as this trail takes you through the desert area of Central Oregon.


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Tumalo Creek Trail to Tumalo Falls

Located approximately 20 miles outside of Bend, Tumalo Falls is another easy trail that is welcoming to beginners. Breathtaking views of Tumalo Falls await those who bike 7 miles along the trail.  Not only does a waterfall await you on this ride, an old mine shaft is situated along the trail on the way to Tumalo Falls.



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Deschutes River Trail

Deschutes River Trail offers scenic views for 4.7 miles within Deschutes National Forest. This trail is paved and is rated as easy-moderate. Bikers travel past wildlife and fauna that run alongside the trail.  Runners, hikers and bikers all enjoy this peaceful, serene loop.


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Misery Ridge and River Trail

With an elevation gain of over 1,000 feet, Misery Ridge and River Trail is rated as moderate. The views are worth the trip. If you can handle the moderate biking trip, the 4 mile loop will provide views at every turn. Unique rock formations align the loop and make this trail one of the best in the state.


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Phil’s Trail – Kent’s Trail Loop

While most trails host bikers, hikers, dog walkers and more, Kent’s Trail Loop is mainly used by mountain bikers. The trail is rated as moderate with 8.4 miles of uphill and downhill portions. The Kent’s Trail Loop is unique from the others on this list because the trail leads bikers through the forest for a picturesque ride that connects you with nature.


By Sydney Kelly, Communications Intern

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