Bend-Redmond second hottest job market in U.S.

Bend-Redmond second hottest job market in U.S.

Bend-Redmond ranks as the second best city for job growth in America.

With a 26.6% job growth rate, the Bend-Redmond metropolitan area is seeing job growth in construction, mining and logging at an annual 11.6 percent growth rate, education and health services at 6.3 percent and manufacturing at 5.4 percent.

The hottest job markets today are mid-sized cities with universities and large employers. The national unemployment rate hovers at 3.7 percent, while Bend-Redmond is at 3.4 percent.

Here are the top 10 cities with job growth in the country:
Lake Charles, Louisiana             28.3 percent
Bend-Redmond, Oregon           26.6 percent
Elkhart, Indiana                          24 percent
St. George, Utah                        23.4 percent
Greeley, Colorado                     21.1 percent
Gainesville, Georgia                  20.9 percent
Fayetteville, Arkansas               20 percent
Boise City, Idaho                      18.6 percent
Austin, Texas                            18.4 percent
Reno, Nevada                          18 percent

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