Celebrating 20 years of healthy smiles: Kemple Dental Clinic

Celebrating 20 years of healthy smiles: Kemple Dental Clinic

Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic is one of more than 40 nonprofits that BendBroadband provides free or reduced internet and video services. During our December Month of Giving campaign, BendBroadband is featuring local nonprofits on our website, and social media sites. We hope you enjoy learning more about these wonderful organizations that make Central Oregon a better place.

It was 20 years ago, that Dr. H.M. Kemple wanted to ensure that all children receive high quality and timely dental care regardless of their ability to pay. The mission of the Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic has expanded over the years to not only provide dental care in the clinic facility, but to educate the community to ensure good dental habits and prevent childhood dental disease. The number one reason for school absenteeism across the country is dental issues.

“Thanks to Dr. Kemple’s vision and the support of the Oregon Health Authority,” says Suzanne Browning, executive director, “our certified portable screen and seal events are brought to Central Oregon every year keeping 5,000 children and young adults smiling bright. In addition, our community owes a huge thank you to the hundreds of volunteers including dental professionals, dental offices, and practicum students for carrying out our work.”

According to Browning, the in-kind value of all services provided to the community averages between $600,000 and $700,000 a year.

Kemple’s Screen & Seal Programs
With Kemple’s increased capacity to provide portable services to children and young adults in non-traditional settings (not at a dentist office), the Kemple Clinic brings convenience and increased access to families in various locations in Central Oregon.  The clinic conducts over 50 customized S&S events each year, providing over 5,000 dental screening “report cards” to parents.

Thanks to Kemple’s event partners (schools, community organizations, dental providers, etc.) the Kemple Clinic can provide appropriate follow-up for significant or severe dental issues to ensure that timely, high quality dental care is provided. With parent consent, over 900 children have sealants placed and many children receive fluoride applications during these events and at our clinic facility each year. Click here to learn more about our Screen & Seal Program.

Thank you Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic for all that you do in our community. BendBroadband is glad to partner with you!


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