Heart of Oregon Corps: Providing a path to self-sufficiency

Heart of Oregon Corps: Providing a path to self-sufficiency

Heart of Oregon Corps is one of more than 40 nonprofits that BendBroadband provides free or reduced internet and video services. During our December Month of Giving campaign, BendBroadband is featuring local nonprofits on our website, and social media sites. We hope you enjoy learning more about these wonderful organizations that make Central Oregon a better place.

At BendBroadband, we believe every young person deserves a chance to become an adult who thrives. This is why we support the Heart of Oregon Corps, an organization that works every day to inspire and empower positive change in over 250 young lives each year in Central Oregon.

“Young people come to us from poverty, homelessness, deprived home-life situations, learning disabilities, and as high school drop outs,” said Laura Handy, executive director of Heart of Oregon Corps. “Our goal is to work with these young adults and restore their hope, dignity, and self-confidence in today’s world.”

Heart of Oregon Corps’ YouthBuild program operates in Jefferson and Crook counties.  WORK, EARN, LEARN is the model of the six programs of Heart of Oregon Corps.

“We strive to create pathways out of poverty for youth and encourage their independence,” said Handy. “We do this through jobs, education, and stewardship.”

Youth gain valuable skills and WORK on public lands conservation projects, reduce fire fuels in neighborhoods, build affordable housing, and operate a thrift store in Madras, 59 SE 5th St. In addition, they EARN money and scholarships for their hard work, and build their independence. Finally, they LEARN while gaining high school credits, preparing for the GED, or taking their first college class.

“When these young people come to us, some of them have forgotten that they do have abilities,” Handy said. “They may be lost, uncertain, or at a crossroads. At Heart of Oregon Corps, we offer a solution that works and provides them with a path forward.”

In addition to creating pathways out of poverty, Heart of Oregon Corps stimulates regional economic growth with its jobs program. To learn more or apply for the program, go to www.heartoforegon.org.



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