Bend residents celebrate independent films

Bend residents celebrate independent films

BendFilm is one of more than 40 nonprofits that BendBroadband provides free or reduced internet and video services. During our December Month of Giving campaign, BendBroadband is featuring local nonprofits on our website, and social media sites. We hope you enjoy learning more about these wonderful organizations that make Central Oregon a better place.

One of the events, many Central Oregon residents look forward to each fall is the BendFilm Festival. For 16 years, BendFilm has raised the curtain for movie lovers and provided the public with a wide-range of smart, funny and thought-provoking films, both long and short.

During this four-day, independent-film festival, downtown Bend is a buzz with energy as residents come together to support the arts.

Held the second weekend each October, the BendFilm Festival is an artistic, community-driven event that has evolved into a national treasure. Known as a filmmaker-friendly fest, it draws creatives from across the country for a weekend of good parties, great conversations and, of course, fabulous films. One of the best things about the fest is the opportunity to hob knob with the filmmakers behind the screen.

What makes BendFilm Executive Director Todd Looby’s job so exciting is finding and then presenting some incredible stories to the Bend community. Films, he says, that might not otherwise be able to see in theaters. “Bend is an extremely knowledgeable film community,” he said. “So bringing these amazing films and filmmakers here have been very rewarding and brings something very special to this community.”

Residents can celebrate the voice of independent film, all year long by signing up as a member of BendFilm. New membership benefits include 20% off 2019 Festival passes, discounted and limited free entry to monthly screenings, access to the BendFilm Lending Library and member-only Festival Ticket presales. Also, members get in free to BendFilm’s Jan. 11, 2019 screening of the critically-acclaimed climbing film, Dawn Wall.

Membership begins at $50. Many free events will be offered, as well, including panels of filmmaker and industry experts at the Nature of Words office, and the BendFilm Future Filmmakers free Sunday event at McMenamins. Many of the after-parties are held at local restaurants and bars and require no entry ticket.

The 16th annual BendFilm Festival will be hosted Oct. 10-13, 2019. The next event for BendFilm will be Monday, Dec. 17, 5:30 p.m. at the McMenamins Theater with the classic family film: The Princess Bride.

Additional BendFilm Activities
Since 2016, the Caldera Arts Center near Sisters has collaborated with BendFilm to support a filmmaker-in-residence. This artist spends three and a half weeks at the arts center developing their next project. During the residency, the filmmaker will present their work at Caldera’s Open Studios and at a BendFilm-sponsored special engagement.

The 2018 winning applicant is Alisa Yang who will be in residence from March 1-25.

BendBroadband is a proud sponsor of BendFilm.

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