Preparing children for school

Preparing children for school

Healthy Beginnings is one of more than 40 nonprofits that BendBroadband provides free or reduced internet and video services. During our December Month of Giving campaign, BendBroadband is featuring local nonprofits on our website, and social media sites. We hope you enjoy learning more about these wonderful organizations that make Central Oregon a better place.

Healthy Beginnings wants to see every child entering kindergarten ready to learn, contribute and strive.

By conducting free comprehensive health and developmental assessments for children between 0-5 years, Diane Murray-Fleck, executive director of Healthy Beginnings, said this proactive service translates into higher graduation rates and an improved workforce.

“We know parents have concerns in those first few years,” she said. “Our screenings are a warm, friendly, easy place to get those questions answered by professionals. If a child’s development deserves closer observation or assessment, we refer families to the best providers in Central Oregon for further evaluation and appropriate care.”

It’s estimated that nearly 40% of children enter kindergarten with a barrier to success. By providing these FREE screenings to all families, Healthy Beginnings works to identify these barriers and connect families to life-changing services.

Each year, the health and development screenings at Healthy Beginnings covers the physical, social, emotional and developmental life of hundreds of children. Healthy Beginnings uses standardized, state-of-the-art screening tools, and experts in their field. Every child in the tri-county area has access to this for free.

It is recommended that children be screened at least three times before they enter kindergarten, though once a year is ideal if no concerns have been found.

No appointment is needed, with walk in hours set for each screening. However, when an appointment is made paperwork can be filled out in advance and the check in process will take less time. Appointments can be made online or by calling the office at 541-383-6357.

Here’s how to support Healthy Beginnings. Thank you Healthy Beginnings for working with children and for making Central Oregon a better place to live.


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