Madras, Prineville area: KOIN has gone dark, negotiations will continue

BendBroadband® has reached an impasse in contract negotiations with Nexstar Broadcasting Inc.  Despite our best efforts—and against our wishes– the following channels are not currently available in the BendBroadband lineup for  Crooked River Ranch, Madras, Prineville, Metolious and Culver:

KOIN (CBS, Decades, getTV)

BendBroadband will continue to negotiate
We have given Nexstar our best offer—one that we consider a reasonable increase. Nexstar, however, is continuing to demand rates that are well outside industry norms – now up to a 130% increase. BendBroadband will continue negotiations with Nexstar to reach a fair agreement that does not unduly impact customers’ bills.

This is the first time BendBroadband has gone dark with a “Big-4” station (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX). In all other negotiations, we have been able to come to an agreement. But this time, we were not able to do so. We simply could not agree to Nexstar’s demand. We are seeking reasonable rates to protect customers.

When an agreement is reached, BendBroadband will once again be allowed to transmit the affected channels to our customers.

Although the channels have been pulled from our lineup, we hope this is temporary. We will continue to try to reach an agreement that will allow us to include Nexstar channels on BendBroadband.

Here’s a suggestion to view CBS: Customers can go to, subscribe and receive one week free of CBS. The monthly fee, after the first free week, is $5.99 with commercials, or commercial free, $9.99 a month. They can stream their local live broadcast, including the NFL on CBS.

We welcome your thoughts as well. Please feel free to provide feedback on the contract negotiations at our Keep Rates Reasonable survey.

Also, let KOIN know your opinion on this takedown at:

Due to the partial government shutdown, the FCC’s informal complaint page is temporarily unavailable. You can still make a formal public complaint about big broadcaster retransmission rate hikes by visiting: and in the “Proceedings” box enter: 10-71.

This industry-wide issue doesn’t just affect TDS customers. In 2017, there were 145 blackouts, affecting TV viewers in nearly 100 markets!

Thank you for your patience as we continue to negotiate on your behalf.

To learn more about the contract negotiations, please go to:

Additional viewing options:

CBS – KOIN – Madras, Prineville, CRR, Metolious and Culver Customers
Live stream local news:

Thank you for your patience as we continue to negotiate on your behalf.

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