BendBroadband: Lightning fast 1Gig is here now

BendBroadband: Lightning fast 1Gig is here now

BendBroadband has the speed you need. Whether you’re at work or living life at home, 1Gig means smoother streaming and a more enjoyable online experience for you.

The millions of dollars that BendBroadband put into network investments, means now is the perfect time for our customers to check out our faster speeds.

The average consumer has multiple devices tied to one Internet connection in their home. Everything from TVs, laptops, tables, smartphones, security systems, game consoles and heating and cooling systems are found in homes today. The more devices connected the more speed you need to support them.

1Gig is now available to many households that have intense Internet demands and multiple users. Our upgraded network also delivers higher-resolution video content, more TV Everywhere channels, and dramatically improved reliability, so you get more from your BendBroadband experience.

You deserve fast broadband. Go Full Speed Ahead with BendBroadband.

If you’re new to BendBroadband, check out the Internet speeds available in your area here.

If you’re a happy BendBroadband customer, don’t forget you can earn bill credits when you refer friends to us. Learn more here.

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