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The TDS® Wi-Fi+ app: your network at your fingertips

The TDS® Wi-Fi+ app: your network at your fingertips

With TDS Wi-Fi+ not only will you blanket your home with a strong network signal with the power of mesh technology, but with the TDS Wi-Fi+ app you can instantly manage all aspects of your Wi-Fi right from your smartphone.

The Wi-Fi app allows you to optimize and strengthen the Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. In addition, the Wi-Fi+ app allows you to:

  • Manage access to your Wi-Fi network instantly.
  • You can set a schedule that limits Internet access on the devices in your home to specific times during the day and/or night. Whether it’s homework time or story time, you’re in control of your household’s Wi-Fi access.
  • You can also block suspicious devices trying to access your network right from your smartphone.

Help your guests feel at home
With the Wi-Fi+ app, you can create a separate, secure guest network to provide visitors with Internet access, without giving them access to your private network and connected devices.

Instant network info at your fingertips
For fast and easy access to information about the Internet speed your home is receiving from TDS, the Wi-Fi+ app shows you which devices are connected, and details to help you strategically place Beacons in your wall outlets throughout your home. These Beacons optimize connectivity with strong Internet coverage that minimizing frustrating dead spots, slow spots, or drop-offs.

With TDS Wi-Fi+ your connected devices receive the strong signal they need throughout your whole home, thanks to this incredibly reliable, expansive wireless coverage.

Some restrictions apply.  To order, call: 541-241-8530 or click here.

See TDS Wi-Fi+ in Action
With millions of people sheltering at home, reliable internet and Wi-Fi connections have become more important than ever. Never worry about Wi-Fi again with Wi-Fi+

Watch this video to learn even more about mesh technology and everything you can do with TDS Wi-Fi+ in your home.

Installing Wi-Fi+ is fast and incredibly easy
Self-installation is simple and takes around 15 minutes. The Base Station and Beacon(s) are easy to set-up and connecting your devices to Wi-Fi+ is a breeze. Professional installation is also available, for those who prefer a BendBroadband technician set up TDS Wi-Fi+.

Access to technical support from our team of Wi-Fi experts is built into your subscription.

Save more than 45% by bundling TDS Wi-Fi+ with Internet Security and Remote PC Support. Order the TDS Wi-Fi+ Security Pack today!

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