BendBroadband sponsors Diversity & Inclusion Webinar Series

BendBroadband recently helped sponsor attendance for five people of color to join Erika McCalpine’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training seminar.

In the workshops, participants made deep dives into the subjects of implicit bias, fostering an inclusive climate and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion at work.

“I was looking for some ways to support underrepresented communities as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness,” said Nicole Lewis, associate manager of Field Marketing. “It was a fantastic experience, not only did we help members of the community take the “Intensive” who may not have otherwise been able to, but i also took the Intensive which was eye opening, emotional and thought provoking.”

Nicole kicked off the series with an impassioned speech that you can check out below:


“Participating in this meant a great deal to me, and I hope to be able to continue supporting BIPOC individuals as well as growing my understanding of a diverse and inclusive culture,” said Nicole. “Erika McCalpine presented the material in a way that people could really relate to; this is very important work she is doing, and I am so grateful that BendBroadband was able to help bring this to underrepresented individuals in our community.”

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