Local ski resort shares COVID-19 safety updates

Skiing and snowboarding are the perfect activities for passing the time and staying active this winter. Here are the latest updates from Mt. Bachelor regarding COVID-19 safety protocols:

The first tip is the most obvious, yet important: Stay home if you’re sick, and  avoid contact with people who are sick!

Just because a mountain’s a big area doesn’t mean you can’t transmit what you have to a lift operator or any other employee.

For Mt. Bachelor, some key things have changed. Now you must reserve a parking spot online for the day you want to visit. You’ll receive a confirmation email, then once you get to the lot, you’ll scan the QR code from the email. My favorite and final tip is “Head to the mountain and shred it, don’t spread it.”

To get the rest of the updates, click here: https://www.mtbachelor.com/the-mountain/on-the-mountain/20-21-winter-experience

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