Some Blazers, college basketball games on ROOT SPORTS Plus

ROOT SPORTS Northwest is the proud home of the Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Kraken. Occasionally, scheduling conflicts arise between the Blazers, Kraken, and college basketball. The good news is that ROOT SPORTS offers an overflow channel, ROOT SPORTS Plus, so that customers won’t miss a game. ROOT SPORTS Plus can be found on channel 50/650 while ROOT SPORTS is on channel 252 on BendBroadband TV.

Below are January dates in which certain games can be found on ROOT SPORTS Plus. Programming is subject to change and territorial restrictions apply.

6-Jan 6:30-10:00 Senators @ Kraken 6:00-8:00 USF @ GU
8-Jan 3:30-7:00 Kraken @ Jets 2:00-4:00 Loyola Marymount @ Pacific
4:00-6:00 SD @ USF6:00-8:00 Pepperdine @ GU
15-Jan 6:30-10:00 Kings @ Kraken 3:30-7:00 Blazers @ Wizards
17-Jan 1:30-5:00 Blackhawks @ Kraken 3:30-7:00 Blazers @ Magic




6:30-10:00 Sharks @ Kraken


6:00-8:00 GU @ Pacific

8:00-10:00 Pepperdine @ Loyola Marymount

21-Jan 6:30-10:00 Blues @ Kraken 4:00-7:30 Blazers @ Celtics
23-Jan 5:30-9:00 Panthers @ Kraken 2:30-6:00 Blazers @ Raptors
30-Jan 9:30-1:00 Kraken @ Rangers 12:00-3:30 Blazers @ Bulls

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