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Spoken Moto featured in new BendBroadband ad

Spoken Moto featured in new BendBroadband ad

Heads up, Central Oregon: Our new commercial is on the air, and it features lots of speed and an eyeful of beautiful local scenery.

It’s called Go Faster, and it’s the latest in a long-running series of BendBroadband commercials that highlight our ultra-fast Internet service. This time, the 30-second spot follows a motorcycle enthusiast throughout his day: From planning his ride at local coffee/biker hangout Spoken Moto, to cruising through the city of Bend, and finally out to the Cascades and off into the horizon. Watch it on our YouTube channel.

With speeds starting at 100Mbps and going up to 600Mbps, BendBroadband internet is faster than ever, driven by the ever-growing demand for bandwidth in Central Oregon and BendBroadband’s commitment to staying on top of that demand. It takes investment, planning, dedication and know-how to maintain the region’s finest Internet service – qualities reflected in the Go Faster commercial.

Filming BendBroadband’s latest commercial.

Go Faster was conceived, written and art-directed by BendBroadband’s in-house creative team, then filmed and produced by The NW Collective, a Bend-based video marketing agency. Special thanks goes out to our rider, Corey Parnell of Bend, as well as our partners at Spoken Moto, who provided the perfect setting for the spot’s opening scene. Keep an eye on this blog for more on Spoken Moto soon.

In the coming months, an array of billboards, , digital ads, print ads and other media will appear throughout the region, all echoing the message and visual feel of Go Faster. The new campaign builds on a series of BendBroadband commercials featuring local folks, including young fiddler CJ Neary, a group of female mountain bikers, Sisters quilter June Jaeger, Bend ultra-runner Max King, world-class chainsaw artist Skip Armstrong of Sisters and local musician Jared Nelson Smith.

Again, you can watch the new commercial here, or learn more about the campaign and BendBroadband Internet here.

Check out our new BendBroadband commercial

Check out our new BendBroadband commercial

BendBroadband is proud to unveil High-Performance Internet, the latest in its long-running series of distinctive TV commercials. The 30-second spot features 12-year-old fiddler CJ Neary, who lives in Bend. Already an award-winning player, Neary is developing into an adventurous artist as well. He is adept at many styles of music, and he’s a skilled improviser,… Continue Reading

LAFF TV dropped from channel lineup

Effective today, the LAFF network will no longer be available to BendBroadband customers on channels 70 (standard definition) and 670 (HD) in the Preferred package. LAFF TV specializes in comedy programming, airing a mix of feature films and sitcoms. You can still watch their web series videos, such as “Big City,” “Cuddling with Carlin” and… Continue Reading

PBS KIDS launched, OPB Plus on the move

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Resolve to save money on Showtime

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Resolve to save money on Showtime