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Five online resources to stay active at home

National policies regarding the COVID-19 virus continue to change. Recently, the Safer at Home Order has closed nonessential business and restricted residents in enforcing areas to stay indoors with exceptions for activities like exercise, grocery shopping, and dog walking.

With the closure of gyms and apartment fitness centers, many are seeking out alternatives. Here are five online resources you can use to help you stay active while abiding by the law as we all hope to flatten the curve.

  1. ClassPass

ClassPass is a service that provides access to different fitness studios and classes including yoga, barre, strength training, pilates, HIIT, boxing, abs, and so much more for a single monthly flat rate. Despite all the recent closures, the free ClassPass app is home to a library full of different types of workouts. With such a diverse collection and videos with practically any workout you can imagine, ClassPass is a great place to start getting active at home.

  1. Planet Fitness

One of the country’s largest fitness chains, Planet Fitness, is currently live-streaming free online workout classes on its Facebook page on weeknights, starting at 7 p.m. EST. These workout videos, each roughly 30 minutes long, do not require any workout equipment. The consistent Monday through Friday schedule also presents a great opportunity to develop a consistent workout routine after a long day’s work. And if you miss one of the classes, past videos are posted quickly to the company’s Youtube page.

  1. CorePower Yoga

With a lot of us in need of some zen at home right now, CorePower Yoga is here to deliver the goods. The Yoga studio is allowing free access to a library of fantastic strength-focused yoga classes, and according to a company statement, the library will be available until the studio opens its doors. Yoga has incredible benefits to the body’s most important organ—the mind.

  1. Barry’s Bootcamp.

Instagram TV (IGTV) makes it possible for fitness organizations and influencers to post high quality, vertical videos in long-form (up to 60 minutes long). High-intensity interval (HIIT) classes are normally expensive to attend in person, but Barry’s Bootcamp is a popular boutique studio streaming 20-minute, equipment free workouts to Instagram live throughout the week, twice a day (12 p.m EST and 3 p.m. EST). Follow the account and look for announcements on their Instagram story.The following day, the videos will be saved to IGTV and labeled “BARRY’S AT-HOME.”

  1. RunGo

While all the resources previously described provide ways to engage in home workouts with different psychological benefits, they do not directly address the dreaded problem of cabin fever. As of this posting, officials in your state may still be encouraging people to get outdoors for exercise purposes. RunGo is an app designed to help users discover great local routes, and it guides them on their adventure using turn-by-turn voice navigation. RunGo’s database features over 100,000 different routes across the globe, and adds 200 new routes each day. Get out and get some fresh air with RunGo!

By Garrett Seymour, Communications Intern

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