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10 online tools for every college student

College is no joke. From struggling with writer’s block to forking out hundreds of dollars for textbooks, you face many challenges before earning that degree. Thankfully, the internet provides numerous resources to help you succeed. Here are 10 tools to check out, bookmark, and use to make college a little easier.

Rate My Professors

When it comes to choosing your classes, the person teaching a class is almost as important as the class itself. On this website, you can search by professor or school to find reviews from other students. Professors are rated on quality and difficulty of teaching, and you can even look at specific courses they teach, if there’s a textbook, and if attendance is required.

Capitalize My Title

The title of your paper is the first thing to catch your professor’s eye, so it’s important to get it right. But which words are capitalized and which aren’t? But? And? With? You don’t have to guess anymore. Just type in your title, select the style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), and the convertor will do the hard work for you.


There is nothing worse than spending your hard-earned dollars on textbooks, and your school’s bookstore doesn’t necessarily offer the cheapest price. SlugBooks compares prices from Amazon,, Chegg, and more to find you the best deal for both buying and renting.


This website gives you access to hundreds of presentation templates. The graphics are amazing, and it’s all free! You can search by specific topic, color, or style. Whether you’re using PowerPoint or Google Slides, find a template here for your next presentation.


From grammar basics to biology vocab to keyboard shortcuts, Cheatography has hundreds of premade cheat sheets. You can even make your own by entering in your notes and adding color, columns, pictures, etc. This organizes your notes so you can study efficiently and successfully.


If you are someone who gets distracted and loses your train of thought easily, writing papers may be difficult. Instead of thinking and typing at the same time, try talking out loud to yourself. This website transcribes your speech so your ideas can flow freely.


This is a super convenient final grade calculator you should use during finals week. Just plug in your current grade, how much the final exam is worth, and what grade you want after the test. Then, the website will calculate what grade you need to earn. This is the minimum, so shoot for higher!


If you’re like most college students, you sell your textbooks as soon as finals are over. BookScouter compares offers from over 30 textbook-buyback websites to find you the best deal. All you have to do is type in the ISBN number, pick the vendor with the best offer, and ship your book within a few days.

Academic Phrasebank

You can pull hundreds of phrases straight from this website to use in your papers. Because they are all neutral, generic statements, you don’t need to worry about plagiarism. Find phrases to introduce your topic, refer to sources, compare information, give examples, and more. The website is well organized, making it easy for you to turn your casual essays into scholarly papers worthy of an A grade.


As a college student, you are entitled to special deals and savings at many of your favorite stores. UNiDAYS collects all these discounts into one place so saving money is easier. Some of the most popular coupons available on UNiDAYS are for Adidas, American Eagle, H&M, Express, and UGG. Download the app for access when shopping in the store.

As you gear up for the next semester with these handy resources in your back pocket, the last thing you need is sluggish Wi-Fi interrupting your productivity. TDS offers a variety of affordable plans to fit your needs and budget. With high-speed Internet service from TDS, you have one less worry. So, take a deep breath. College is demanding, but you got this!


By Hannah Drewieck, TDS Communications Intern

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