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Make changes to your account more easily

Make changes to your account more easily

You have two new account features at your fingertips!  Now you can make some simple changes and updates to your TDS online account—all without ever picking up your phone. Just hop online, log in to your account, and:

  • Set up a recovery contact. If you forget your password or username and can’t log in, this new option lets you receive email or text with a security code to verify your identity to access your account.
  • Manage your contact preferences. Quickly add a new phone number and/or email address where you’d prefer to be reached.

You’ll be periodically prompted to update your information for both options with a pop-up message—but you don’t need to wait. Read on for a walk-through of how to navigate the changes.

Change Recovery Contacts

Get back into your account the easy way if you forget your username or password. Rather than answering a series of security questions or giving us a call, set up Recovery Contacts. You’ll get a text or email with a time-sensitive verification code so you can get logged in.

Get started by logging in to your account. Click on View/Modify Account Information. From the list of options on the next page, choose Change Recovery Contacts.

You’ll see the following screen if you’ve never entered information before:

You have the option of adding an email address, a phone number, or both. If you enter an email address, you’ll receive your code over email. If you use a mobile phone number, you’ll receive your code via text. You can also choose to receive a security code with a phone call.

No matter which method(s) you choose and enter, you’ll immediately receive a notification with a code to verify.

When you’re done, you’ll see a green banner at the top of the screen telling you that you’re all set. Next time you visit this page, you’ll see what information is listed and you can make changes as needed by clicking Edit.

Manage your Contact Preferences

Tell us how and where you’d like to receive information about your account—even if it’s a non-TDS email or a phone number other than your landline. This is also where you can review what current contact information we have on file and edit as needed.

Click on Manage Contact Preferences from the list of options on the Account Information page.

On the next page you can add or change your Contact Email and Phone. Set to ‘Primary’ the Contact number or email you use most often. Be sure to review what is currently on file with us to make sure it’s accurate.

Note: Whatever email is set as Primary on the account will receive a notification whenever the information has been changed or updated. If that email is shared with another person or family member, let them know why you’re receiving the email. If you think someone who is not authorized on your account has made changes without your knowledge, call us!

That’s it! You can update and change these whenever you need to.

For more help please visit our FAQs about Managing your Account visit:

More new self-service features are on the horizon! We’ll share more information here when they’re available.

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